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Disaster Preparedness

Good Morning, 

As hurricane season approaches we are hunkering down and buttoning up our disaster preparedness plan. To that end we have hired MasterCraft Building Group to be our disaster support team.  MasterCraft is expertly trained in dealing directly with your insurance company. They speak their language and will maximize your claim coverage. 

Below you will find a link to a document with a description of these services as well as the forms required to take part in this program. One is the work authorization form; the other is your insurance information form. Both of these forms will need to be completed and returned. There is no cost for this service. This service is provided as part of our service to you. 

None of us want to think about what could be lost but being prepared ahead of time will go a long way to mitigating our losses. 

Please look this over and return the authorization and insurance forms as soon as possible. Hurricane season starts tomorrow!

Always a pleasure to serve, 
The Heth Realty Team