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8 Tips for First-Time Landlords in Jacksonville
Tanya Douglas
Tips for Landords

8 Tips for First-Time Landlords in Jacksonville

Renting can be quite a profitable business for those interested in this type of investment. There are slight differences in whether you’re renting an apartment, house, or condo – but general rules apply to all the properties. This can be pretty confusing for those who are jumping into the rental business for the first time. Luckily, we’re here to help you avoid common landlord issues. Here are the best tips for first-time landlords in Jacksonville – make your rental as attractive as possible and have the smoothest relationship with your tenants.

1.Know the local rental regulations in Jacksonville

To avoid potential issues, you first need to know standard local regulations and laws that apply to landlords and tenants. These can vary in different states and cities, so be sure to learn more about being a landlord in Jacksonville. The city is the most populous place in the state of Florida, which is why it’s essential to be familiar with the laws and regulations of the state and of the city itself. For example, some things that Florida’s landlords need to disclose are warnings about fires, radon levels, etc., apart from all the details about the landlord’s true identity, rent, security deposit, etc. Landlords have specific responsibilities as well. These usually include property maintenance, repairs, and ensuring the general safety of the tenants. Make sure you know your rights, too. These apply to the landlord’s entry to the property, moving out notice, and more. Explore all of these to be ready for any unexpected situations with a potential renter.

2.First-time landlords in Jacksonville should get insurance

No matter how nice someone seems, it is vital to protect your property and yourself with the right kind of insurance. Landlord insurance will ensure you’re safe in case of any damage to the property, hazards such as flood and fire, and any legal issues you might have with a tenant. Again, remember to keep your emotions away from this business. Even though you might like someone, it’s essential to protect yourself and be careful about any potential problems.

3.Make sure your lease agreement is complete

A detailed lease agreement is a key to solving issues that often happen between landlords and tenants. Make sure your lease agreement is complete, including all the necessary details that explain the rights and responsibilities of both parties. When making a rental agreement for a property in Jacksonville, be sure to include:

  • Full names of your tenants
  • The exact list of occupants of your property – there should be an occupancy limit to ensure there’s no subletting or more than listed people living on the property;
  • Rent details – apart from the exact amount of the rent cost, include the due date, payment method, late fees, and a grace period if there’s a need for it.
  • The amount and rules about the security deposit
  • Defining month-to-month or fixed tenancy agreement
  • Pet policy – depending on your preferences and the rules of the building/neighborhood, you can define a pet policy and a set of rules in case pets are allowed on the property.

Defining all the details in your lease agreement will benefit both the landlord and the tenant. That’s why you shouldn’t skip this step and ensure all the details are familiar to both parties.

4.Make changes that bring value

It’s not necessary to renovate the whole property to attract tenants. Try to plan renovations long-term, and prioritize those tasks. At first, you can make the changes that bring the most value. These can include repainting, updating the lighting, adding air conditioning, etc. Make sure you know what your target tenants need the most and focus on those updates first. This will make sure tenants recognize you care about their needs. You can also go that extra mile and make their moving experience even better – recommend a trustworthy moving team and help them find reliable Florida movers. You can help them team up with experts that will ensure your tenants move in safely and don’t damage your property in the process.

5.Promote your property for faster and better results

Preparing your property for renting is just one of the steps to success. Another thing you need to do is to market it well, so it attracts the right kind of tenants. Unless you’re lucky enough to immediately get a recommendation for a friend’s friend, or someone you know well, you’ll have to make some effort to find the tenants. Here you’ll need to create a listing that will ensure your property stands out from the rest – a detailed description and professional photos will help. Also, market your property in multiple ways – use local listing sites, spread the word, and share on social media.

6.Checking your tenants thoroughly is one of the best tips for first-time landlords in Jacksonville

The first impressions can be misleading. You shouldn’t sign an agreement with someone you just met. It’s essential to screen your potential tenants, so you can be sure you’ve found someone who will be responsible and take care of your property. Interview to get to know them better, but also look for references that can assure you are dealing with someone reliable. You can also do a criminal background check to be even safer. Finally, a simple check of their finances will tell you if they can pay the rent each month. These simple steps can verify that your new tenants meet your requirements and won’t cause any trouble during the lease.


Remember: always advise your tenants to double-check their moving company in a similar way. Nationwide Moving Services experts recommend getting at least two moving estimates before making the final decision. Trusting someone with your household is a big thing, so it’s crucial to find someone experienced and reliable.

7.Learn how to manage your property

Giving out the keys to your new tenants is just the beginning. Ensure you’ve got the tools to help you run the property’s finances and keep track of all the tenant’s requests. You can use several great rental property management software programs to simplify the process. You’ll get to keep track of both income and expenses, screen your tenants, and not forget about their issues, etc. And the best part is – some of these programs are free!

8.Consider contacting a professional

If the tasks we mentioned earlier overflow your daily schedule, maybe hiring a professional property manager is better. Letting a professional do all the management work is the best for inexperienced, first-time landlords in Jacksonville. If you’re feeling insecure about doing all the tasks, maybe it’s wiser to let someone competent do it for you.


Meta description: Learn how first-time landlords in Jacksonville can begin their rental journey without any issues and manage their new property with success.

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